Teaching and Learning Policy

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Teaching and Learning

Learning is a dynamic process which begins at the time of conception and continues for the rest of our lives. At stages along this learning journey we partake in formalised learning in which we may interact with other human beings who may take on the role of teacher. This invariably happens within the confines of a school. The school being the environment designed to help pass on the knowledge, skills and qualities required as preparation for adult life. Our school is a section of a partnership involving pupils, families, the local and extended communities and school staff that give all the opportunity to develop each child’s formal learning and to promote everyone’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development .In this way our school is pivotal in the formation and preparation of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences for life.

This policy is for all teaching staff, Governors, parents, members of the community and appropriate outside agencies, including OFSTED, to appreciate our drive for high expectations and our strategies for ensuring that teaching and learning are effective. It sits alongside all other curriculum and management policies including the policy for ‘Performance Management’. It should also be read in conjunction with OFSTED documents and other relevant information including “The Code of Conduct for Teachers” that will drive our standards forward.

Making a Difference
Much work has been done on how pupils learn and multiple intelligence theories. This policy considers how as practitioners we can motivate all to ensure effective learning.

Research suggests that there are many ways to ensure that effective learning takes place within the different learning environments that a child may encounter within a school. All staff have the ability to make a difference and all must consider the following:

• There is no one right way to teach, but teachers and TAs enhance their effectiveness when teaching is purposeful, efficient, clear, structured and adaptive. Good teaching takes into account all aspects of assessment, prior learning and the individual needs of each child. • High expectations are paramount

• Good teaching involves more than exposition and arranging activities; the nature of the interaction is carefully designed, with differentiation matched closely to pupils’ actual abilities and needs. • Good teaching is where the pupils are given opportunity to extend their ability to take charge of their own learning. It is where teachers establish active links to enhance pupils’ learning styles. • The effective learning environment is orderly, stimulating, attractive, safe and supportive. • The effective teaching atmosphere encourages learners to value and draw on their own experience • Good lessons are carefully planned and involve pupil participation as often as possible. They have pace, good questioning strategies and opportunity for reflection. • Learning to learn entails increasing scope for pupils to use their initiative and to develop a capacity for independent work according to age range. • Effective teaching occurs when pupils are given opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they are taught. • Effective learning design allows pupils to summarise what they have experienced and reflect carefully • And effective teaching is complemented by fair discipline, positive reinforcement, and explicit formative feedback.

Every member of staff must consider their professional characteristics and reflect and analyse how each pupils’ learning can be enhanced in preparation for the future. It is the role of all staff to dissect their teaching to ensure outstanding teaching and learning opportunities for each child.

Monitoring Of Teaching and Learning
Monitoring is a regular feature of our school and has become embedded into the culture and working life of our school life .It enables all to have an accurate...
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