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Teacher Who Influential Your Life

By newyork1 Feb 03, 2010 631 Words
The person who influential me to become a better writer was my sixth grade English teacher Ms. Campbell.
Ms. Campbell was not a normal English teacher. She taught us many writing technique that I still use today. I remember this one day in English class; Ms. Campbell was teaching us the fan boys out of no where she started rapping the fan boys. Still to this day I can remember the rap that she taught us. Ms Campbell had different ways of each us. Ms. Campbell would suck your right in she made us think out of the box. Also, Ms. Campbell had this way to make writing exciting, and that you cannot live without writing. There never was a day that was not interesting in English class.

Ms. Campbell was the one who inspired me to write everyday. She would always tell her students “when you have bad days write about it.” Ms. Campbell was one of the reasons why I wanted to become a writer. She had a way of make me feel that I can become anything. Ms. Campbell would teach us how to write complete sentence. Everything Ms. Campbell taught us she made it into a rap song. We would help her put the rap together. I remember Ms. Campbell was in front of the class we were learning about the writing process. Ms. Campbell went to her desk, and said whoever the first person to say what the steps of the writing process are would get this big chocolate candy bar. I never had seen so many hands go up so fast. Even through no one know the step of the writing process Ms. Campbell gave everyone candy.

Ms Campbell never gave up on her students she always pushes us to finish what we started. There were so many things that I learned from Ms. Campbell, but this lesson I will never forget. The lesson was an essay question was what do you want to be when you get older? Ms. Campbell made us write whole paper about the topic, and then made us share with the class. After, that Ms. Campbell hangs them all over the class to see how other students write. Another lesson Ms. Campbell taught me was remember that everyone have different writing from each other all writes have different stories. Ms. Campbell had these little riddles fro example, sticks, and stone might break my bones, but words do hurt. Ms. Campbell had all these different sang for every problem.

One of my favorite lessons that Ms. Campbell taught me was independent clause. We would sing it to Aretha Franklin song RESPECT. Another, favorite lesson that she taught me was run-on sentence and fragments. When Ms. Campbell taught us run on sentences her example was talking with out stopping. Then her other example with fragments she would write a fragment on the board and ask us is this complete sentence. Another, lesson that Ms. Campbell taught us was about transition words she had a rap for transition words too. Ms. Campbell is not normal English teacher she had this spark about teaching us about writing process, fanboys, run on sentence, fragments, independents clauses, dependent clause, and transition words. Everyday I could not wait for the bell to ring to go to Ms. Campbell English class room 106.

Ms. Campbell never lost faith in her students she always had faith in her students. She always gives us good feed back. Ms. Campbell made writing exciting. Ms. Campbell lesson stayed with me. For example, fanboys rap, writing process, independent clause song, and last but not least comma rules. Ms. Campbell was an amazing English teacher she taught me so much. That I’ll never forget what an amazing teacher Ms. Campbell was.

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