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Complete Text of Hamlet Annotated with Interleaved Notes and Links

Hamlet Plot Summary

Hamlet Themes

Hamlet Motifs & Symbolism & Word-Play

Hamlet Character Analysis

Hamlet in Historical Context

Be All My Sins Remembered
- Essays on Hamlet, with hypertext links to the play
Be All My Sins Remembered

Essays on Hamlet by Ray Eston Smith Jr
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"To be or not to be" . . . . "so like the king that was and is the question of these wars" - Hamlet

"for look, where my abridgement comes."
- Hamlet

"We need more light to find your meaning out."
- Love's Labor Lost

"They will scarcely believe this without trial: offer them instances." - Much Ado About Nothing

Golden Gate Bridge photo from http://writenow.wordpress.com/2007/01/28/the-golden-gate-bridge-at-sunset/ from cfarm1.static.flickr.com/125/317356059_a14b6aeb40_b.jpg

Come my friend, sit down a while, and let me
Assail your eyes with that which I have seen
On the printed page, on the living stage,
In sparkling pixels, on the giant screen,
And on sleepless nights, and in restless dreams.


In memory of my father, Lt. Col. R Eston Smith

Bookstores, the continuing frontier.

Libraries, I only wish they were privatized so I would not have to acknowledge so great a debt to government.

Mrs. Black, my 10th-grade English teacher. When I first set foot in her classroom, I was expecting the usual stale rules of grammar and pretentious babble about Literature. Instead, she taught me how to think.

George Polya, author of "How to Solve It". It works.

Michael Malone and his novel, "Handling Sin", about a father's lively legacy to his son. In the darkest part of my life, before I had seen the light in Hamlet, his book gave me a ray of hope.

To Elle, with almost all the holy vows of heaven.
A Prologue to My Brain

What more can be said about Hamlet? After you read this book you will ask, "How could so many critics have missed so much?". Past critics have failed to find the answers in Hamlet because they have failed to ask the right questions. They have been blinded to the mysteries in Hamlet by that ever-prematurely rhetorical question, "What more can be said?" But there is a necessary question of the play yet to be considered: To be or not to be -- what? That is the question.

To live and to love living. That is the answer. In search of that answer, we constantly question the world. And the answer comes, more than from any other part of the world, from the minds of men (and womb-men). This book is an attempt to find part of the answer in one work conceived in the mind of one man -- in Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Note: "womb-man" -> "woman" might be only "folk etymology" but it might have been believed by Shakespeare. I use it here mainly because there is a very significant "womb" motif in Shakespeare's Hamlet. (Please see The Rebirth of Hamlet.) There was discussion of "womb-man" at least as far back as 1605, just a few years after Hamlet appeared. Grammar and Gendes, Dennis E. Baron, 1986, page 32-33.

Again Verstegan (1605) is perhaps the earliest to offer a detailed analysis of woman, finding it a compound of womb and man that, perhaps because of its presumed transparency, is superior in structure to its Latin equivalent: The name of Mulier hath no dependence is sound with the name of Homo, as our name of woman with man. It should in deed be written womb-man for so it is of antiquitie and rightly, the b. for easynesse and redynesse of sound beeing in the pronountiation left out: and how apt a composed woord...
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