Teacher Pang 2

Topics: Writing, Word, Teacher Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: December 20, 2014
ChangHao Yang
Prof. Currey
English 1301
14 Sept 2014

"A person influenced me most," not my relatives, not my friend, but my former language teacher - Pang Changxing. Teacher Pang is handsome. She was of medium height, about thirty years old (maybe a little give). Teacher Pang with bushy eyebrows, and wearing a black-rimmed glasses on his nose. Her mouth is small, only revealing a neat white front teeth while he was smiling. What Teacher Pang influenced me most was her word.             Teacher Pang was teaching Chinese and writing when I went to fifth grade of my elementary school. She did not teach us at the beginning and started at 5th grade because our previous teacher was going to middle school so no one would not teach us anymore. Because she was new to class, so some naughty kids such as me, would not follow her instruction and listen his words. Sometimes there were too much talking in class, but she was never angry for us. Once time I did not listen attentively, and she look at me with her gentle eyes. I was ashamed of my behaviors, and did not make any noise any more. Gradually, each student in the class like Teacher Pang, but I believe the way I like her was different from others.

           Once time, in a language lesson, my desk mate dropped his cup to the ground accidentally, I cut my hands on the glass silk, that was a very long cuts and a deep hole in my hand.my hand was bleeding and becoming a red hand. When Teacher Pang saw the situation, then she let the squad look after class, gave me put on a coat, took me to the school infirmary, the clinic stuff had to clean the wound and then gave me several pairs of medicines. She paid the medicine cost for me without any hesitation, and ask me time to time whether my hand was still hurt, and also told me to take medicine on time. That day was cold and windy, she was standing outside the classroom, and only wearing a sweater. I cannot forget it.      Cao teacher not only care about me in...
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