Tata Motors Swot Analysis

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Tata Motors Case Analysis

Question #2 Prepare a SWOT analysis for the company.
Tata Motors is a market leader in automobile industry in India with a high market share. •Tata Motors has a good employee base which gives them high production efficiency. •Tata Motors are considered a reputable brand in India which gives them an advantage over its competitors. •Tata focuses not only the quality of its products but also on the quality of its management. They have a program of intensive management development in place in order to establish its leaders for tomorrow •Tata Motors understands customer needs and develops products that meet their needs. •Tata Motors produce low price car with high fuel efficiency which gives them a big customer base in the country. Example Tata Nano •Tata Motors has been aggressively acquiring foreign brands to increase its global presence. Weaknesses

Tata Motors is known for commercial vehicles and low priced cars. However, it does not have a foothold in the luxury segment in the domestic market. •Tata Motors shareholders are not getting much from their investments due to low return on investments on shares. •Tata Motors are not able to meet safety standards in their vehicles in comparison to its competitors. Opportunities

Tata Motors can take advantage of their low cost vehicle by entering into third world countries where people have low purchasing power which gives them a big export opportunity. •Jaguar and Land Rover provide Tata Motors with an opportunity to establish itself in the luxury segment. •Tata Motors can incorporate safety features in their vehicles to gain more customer satisfaction. •Joint ventures in other countries allow Tata Motors to easily enter into new market internationally.

There are lots of powerful competitors for the luxury market that are beginning to enter the Indian market such as: Honda, Toyota, Ford and Mercedes-Benz. •Tata Motors currently have a...

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