Task B Reflective Account

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Assignment 304 Principles for implementing duty of care in health , social care or children's and young people's settings

Task B Reflective Account

BI – Describe two situations which demonstrate a conflict or dilemma between exercising a duty of care and the rights of an individual

Conflict and dilemmas may arise between the duty of care and individuals rights could be staff having a difference of opinion over an service user for example a staff member believing that they have seen signs of abuse and then another staff member denying this assumptions, this then can lead to conflict betweens the staff members and the individuals family/ carers if the members of staff involved any other agencies such as social services , GP , health visitors , school and police. Dilemmas could be knowing when and how to get further help regarding child/adult protection and certain safeguarding issues for example if you saw abuse take upon a child/ adult and did not refer the case to social services the individual might still continue to suffer abuse which may result in serious injury and consequences to the member of staff that didn't report the situation. Another dilemma would be knowing when to break confidentiality and share information. If you have any concerns about an individual or feel that they are at risk you need to seek further advice and report it.

It is always important and your duty of care as a service provider to individuals that if you see or know about someone who is being abuse or treated unfairly to report it as soon as possible to higher authority and let them take their course in getting the situation dealt with, it is always better to report the situation straight away then later on as it may turn out worse than it was before, it may result in the individual being seriously harmed.

Other dilemmas in our setting could be:-
• Staff falling out,
• Break confidentiality,
• Swearing and behaviour,
• Absent staff members,
• Lack of...
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