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Task Instructions - Assessment Item 1
Assessment Item 1 MGB210: Case Study
Due Date:
How to submit:


Unit Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 5 and AOL goals: KS (1.1), HO (2.1; 2.2), PC (3.1), SE, (5.2).
2500 words
50 per cent
Week 7: Sunday, 19 April, by 6.00pm.
Blackboard SafeAssign

Description of the task:
For this assessment, you will prepare a report that examines how an organisation can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the operational systems that produce its products and services. The case study is based on the Japanese themed restaurant Benihana (which is one of three different types of restaurants run by the company (see http://www.benihana.com/about/video/ for a brief overview of all three)). Utilise the Benihana simulation used in tutorials to illustrate your arguments, analysis and recommendations in this assignment.

Steps in the process:

Identify and evaluate issues/problems with Benihana’s Teppanyake restuarants current operations using theory/ies covered in topics 1-7

(You can chose any specific Benihana as an exemplar – You Tube

contains numerous videos from Benihana restaurants around the world). 2.

Provide a critical discussion of the key Corporate Social Responsibility issues facing Benihnana restaurants. Based on your research and analysis, prepare recommendations (3 or 4) on how Benihana can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations systems that produce its products and services.


Prepare a report on your analysis and recommendations.


Submit your report to Blackboard SafeAssign.

Any report structure and headings can be used, as long as they comply within the QUT standard as defined in QUT Cite|Write: http://www.citewrite.qut.edu.au/
How you will be assessed:
This is an individual assessment item and the assessment criteria (CRA) for this assessment is on the Blackboard. Caption titles and words in...
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