TAQA Unit 301 Questions 1 to 15

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Jody Hirst - ESS Safeforce Course work 2014

TAQA – Question 1

Define the key concepts and principles of assessment

When making an assessment we need to pull on a number of skills to ensuring that the correct level of learning has been conducted by the trainer and that the learner has under stood the information given. The assessor has to be confident that the learner is also able to recall the information therefore giving them the skill set to conduct the role they are undertaking. The trained person should then leave the course with the new understanding and have thoughts on how they can apply the skills and improve in some cases the tasks that they will now undertake with their new knowledge.

One key principle is known as VACSR – as an assessor you need to ensure that all work is;

Valid – check that the work submitted actually relates to the assessment criteria

Authentic – as an assessor it is important to ensure that all work submitted has been produced only by the delegate / learner. Check to ensure that different delegates are not simply repeating the same answers by rote.

Current – as with authenticity it is necessary to ensure that the work is still relevant at the time of assessment. It would be no use reusing material learnt many years ago as it may not relate to current regulations etc.

Sufficient – check that all of the assessment criteria is covered

Reliable – Check that all submissions are the same over time, to the required level and are consistent across the entire learner group.

A Written test is an effective way to conduct the assessment of the learning this will then help ensure the work is their own, in addition to this the person sat at the side of them could have a different test paper, however to keep it fair both papers have to be at the same level, the best way to do this would be to change the wording and or the order of the question on the test paper.
The assessor should also be happy that the test papers content is

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