equality and diversity

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301.6.1: Evaluate the importance of quality assurance in the assessment process

Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)
Within an organisation it is likely that more than one tutor/trainer/assessor will be involved in the teaching/training/assessing of a course. There is therefore a need to maintain consistency and this cannot be left to chance.

To maintaining consistency and ensure reliability of assessment an IQA process is set up to ensure the learners’ work is regularly sampled. This means appointing appropriate member(s) of staff as internal quality assurer(s)/verifier(s) to check that processes and procedures are applied consistently and to provide feedback to both the team concerned and to the awarding body.

The development of a sampling strategy and plan must be drawn up and implemented by those undertaking the IQA role. An IQA system needs to develop sampling based on the principles of ‘CAMERA’. This means plans include sampling of all types of
Methods of assessment
Assessment sites
Discussing and sharing ideas about assessment strategies with others in the team as well as the interpretation and implementation of assessment criteria and associated guidelines as presented in course documentation. This is often done through regular standardisation meetings to ensure opportunities exist for all involved to meet to discuss a range of problems and potential solutions for issues arising relating to a range of issues including assessment.

External Quality Assurance
Maintaining standards between organisations is also vital.
Just as IQA works to ensure reliability among assessors within an organisation, so an external quality assurance (EQA) process works to ensure reliability between organisations in relation to consistent application of assessment criteria. External quality assurers/external verifiers are not employed by the organisation concerned so are regarded as unbiased and impartial. Their

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