Tanishq Case Study

Topics: Middle class, Social classes, Upper middle class Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: February 5, 2013
* Tanishq is the country’s only truly national jeweler
* Targeted a more Western consumer evoking a “Nice, but not for me” reaction * Opened its first boutique in Chennai in 1995 as a precedence to tap the South market * Boutiques were spacious, intimidating , exclusive with limited inventory on display * In Feb 1996 launched its first 18-carat range of exclusively designed gem-set jewelry STRATEGIES:

* Piloted an offering of 22-karat plain gold jewelry with about 400 designs * Multimedia campaigns were launched in press and on TV to focus on traditional designs * Prevailing under-karat age problems industry wide were countered by installing karat-meter * Seven-stone concept helped Tanishq to overcome the perception of it being a Westernized brand SEGMENTATION:

Proper segmentation is necessary for any company. Tanishq’s designs were not for Indian women. It position itself as international brand for Indian elite market. However they later on started targeting the mass marketing since 1997. After research Tanishq found that 40% of the women are working and they targeted this segment with a specific group of product called collection jewelry for the working women. After reseach and innovation designs became more authentic. Titan also decided to transpose design by stocking Bengali design in Delhi. TARGETING:

The main class was High class and upper middle class; it was branded and special diamond studded jewelry. Then it also introduced jewelry for educated and skilled people, who could not afford high cost, but the quality was good. It was produced by local shops like PP jewelrs and Sia. Artificial jewelry was specially for middle class and lower middle class. BRAND POSITIONING

Tanishq diamonds embark the aspiration of emerging Indian women who uses tradition rather than being used by it. * Design and retail innovation have been the hallmark of Tanishq all the years. * First and only jeweler who guarantees the...
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