Taboo (the Real African American Experience

Topics: Racism, Black people, African American Pages: 8 (3043 words) Published: September 6, 2013
(The Real Truth of the Afrikan Experience)

Throughout history Africans and people of African descent have been lied to. Lied to about their brilliance, their culture, and their preeminent place in the history of the world; then exploited, enslaved, and excluded from the gifts they gave the world. To give the world art, science, spirituality, humanity, and philosophy; and then be extricated from the benefits and beauty of its origination is criminality of the highest order. The “theft of history” is one of the initial ways to control a people, as stated by Amos N. Wilson PhD. Of Psychology in his text ‘The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness”, he also states that to help maintain a “state of deception” is to keep the status quo through the ignorance and oppression of those people. When one nullifies the history of another, one subjugates the other to the ones false history. History (i.e. his story, not my story ) has always been written by the conqueror and with that being said; usually the conquered never knew they were being warred upon until it was too late, thus the logical assumption is; they were deceived, and with that deception the lie begins. The disconnection of truth from history, the distortion and absence of culture to the ends of leveraging their resources, psychology, and personality to be controlled has been the most successful way to enslave minds to do the bidding of another. No matter how much we are lead to believe, the teaching and studying of history is not of value in this European styled American capitalist society; one should know that history, finance, power, and control are inextricably linked. Throughout history the purpose of war has always been to usurp the resources of another:(i.e. financial gain, land, political gain and man power).Once a people have been conquered, you change one’s psychology and therefore their personality to the extent that who they were before, they are no more, (i.e. colonization); this was how The Western European worldview began and prospered through the ages. From then until know, I did not realize the urgency of what I would learn was the process of White Supremacy and all it entailed. This social concept gave me insight into the minds of a people whom are literally fighting for their collective lives as they have tried to continue to push a bad position based on a lie. How does one interpret a people that claim to be the masters of the universe because they in essence have stolen the car on the master and forgot to steal the owner’s manual, thus cannot decipher its meaning? Even if they had it in their possession the gist of it still escapes them.. In the United States, Slavery was a means to kill many birds with one stone. It allowed the powers that be to manipulate the masses of people that were not privy to the riches and power provided by privilege and birth right, in other words become chattel in the minds of the privileged class. Slavery provided a cheap source of manpower; it provided bases for psychological manipulation, and a long term vessel for identity crisis issues that still plague Black people in America today. White Supremacy was the impetus for Internalized Racism, which Black people in this country suffer from on a subconscious level and a direct result of Institutional Racism. Yes, racism is alive and well in the U.S.A. (Cheikh Anta Diop 1974). In this country, racism is so ingrained into the fabric of, what America is that the average American does not even realize, they have been taught these racist practices all their life. Under the names of: tradition, American virtue, and southern pride, these oppressive and discriminatory practices went on unchecked until the Civil Rights movements of 1866 and 1960’s. By pitting one underprivileged group (i.e. peoples of color) against...
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