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During the years between 2006 and 2010 witness a flexural change in all paper categories, from the bottom $5,738,729,984 in 2006 to the peak $5,979,516,928 in 2009. Moreover, a decrease happened in 2010 as $5,907,229,696 which is -1.2% lower than last year. There are 4 key segments make up this situation which is Bath paper (51%), Towel paper (32%), Napkins (6%) and Facial tissue (11&). And with both the Bath and Towels paper decrease -0.9% and Napkins followed by -0.8%. The most obviously drop appeared in Facial napkins which is -3.7%. As a main part of household paper products, table napkins are consist of follow brands: Vanity Fair, Bounty, Mardi Gras, Kleenex, Dixie, Marcal, Chinet, Scott and some other Private labels. Even though the main trend of table napkins’ saling declined last year, but, we can also see Bounty, Kleenex, Chinet and Jullee napkins’ dollar sales increased.

Part D
Because of the aggressive marketing strategy, the sales of Kleenex napkins huge increasing in 2010 and the structure of the napkins industry has some shifts. With the increasing realize of environment friendly, the growing demand of high quality life, the paper napkins sales continually increased very slowly in past 5 years. People have decreased the using of napkins or using the clothing napkins to replace the paper napkins. The new media and marketing mode, such as the social media networking, bring more opportunity and challenge to household paper industry. Those effects will change the way of this industry.

(U.S. Industry Report, Jul 19 2001, Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing in the US)
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