Topics: Eliot Ness, Thomas Friedman, The Untouchables Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: February 27, 2013
The two essays, “Work and Workers in the Twenty-first Century" and "The Untouchables" bring out great points that everyone should take into consideration. One being that the work field is rapidly changing and people need to start focusing on their skills. Not only did they both address how it is changing but also how many more opportunities there will be, not just for certain people, but for everyone.

In the essays “Work and Workers in the Twenty-first Century" and "The Untouchables" they both start off by stating how it will be difficult and challenging to thrive in the future. “I am certain that we the Americans can indeed thrive in this world. But I am also certain that it will not be as easy as it was in the last fifty years.” Thomas L. Friedman stated in his essay "The Untouchables”. “Work and Workers in the Twenty-first Century” took a different approach by targeting not everyone but only few saying, “…not merely the heights to which some will climb or the difficulties others will endure.” When combining these two statements you can see how they synthesis; In other words, the lower class of America will either suffer from being under skilled or replaced by technology, while the successful class of America will become known as “The Untouchables”, meaning they will be so specialized that they will not be replaced. These articles appeal to society today because in order to have a successful career it takes a college degree specializing in their career choice. If not becoming an untouchable, others will fall into the pitfalls of their working journey as “Work and Workers in the Twenty-First Century” says.

In “Work and Workers in the Twenty-First Century” the term, “brains rather than brawn” is used. In other words, along with the changing of the work field, everyone will have an equal chance. In the last paragraph of “The Untouchables” it states, “…- skills that can make you, at least temporarily special, specialized, or anchored, and therefore, at least...
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