The Untouchables Summary

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The Untouchable Summary
In “Untouchable” author Thomas L. Freidman he discussed the importance of improving you work abilities and skills. He creates a new point of view in Americans and causes a bit of stress to most. There are many reasons why this occurs these reasons are the replacements of humans by technology, the lack of Americans standing out in certain fields, and companies being shipped over sea’s to save money by paying employees less money. He predicts that untouchable jobs in the new flat world will fall into three categories: people who are special or specialized (Madonna, Michael Jordan, or your brain surgeon); people who are localized and anchored (waitresses, lawyers, plumbers, nurses, etc.); and the old middle jobs (people in the middle class who are under pressure because their jobs are becoming tradable). With this being said by Freidman it actually makes me take a step back and question what will happen to those people who work for those companies in which people are being replaced with technology or being sent overseas be working or what will they be doing with themselves afterwards? Motivates me a push myself to want to do outstanding in school as well as my job to guarantee myself a job in the years to come.

Thomas structures this piece by introducing the idea that this Earth is no longer round, but rather flattened meaning everything is becoming equal for everyone around the world.  He states the idea of the globalization of the work force convincing many individuals to change their ways of viewing jobs all around the world. With his word usage he does an excellent job of keeping the reader engaged by creating an effortless flow of subject matter. Half way through the writing he told us a quote his parents used to say “Tom, finish your dinner, people in China and India are starving” and now his advice to his daughters is “Girls, do your homework, people in China and India are starving for your jobs”. This pulls the reader in,...
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