Symposium (Nstp)

Topics: Opening, The Star-Spangled Banner, Entertainment Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: January 19, 2013
activity| SPEECH|
INTRODUCTION| Good Mornig ladies and gentlemen.Welcome to the culminating activity of the National Service training Program of the Bachelor of Science in Infomrmation and Communication Technology 1-a with its theme “Go, Change, and Lead!”When we talk of a leadermost of us would be overwhelmed by the responsibility and power that go through with it. But there’s more to it that we, the youth should put our heart on. Leadership affords us the oppurtunity to guide and inspire people to work hand and hand towards the attaintment of a unified goal.With the changing times and needs, our society needs more vibrant and dynamic leaders. And the shaping out of those leaders starts now...Today, we have a lot in store to prepare us to be the best leaders we can be.But before we proceed, may I request everyone to please rise for a solemn prayer to be led by the students of BS ICT 1-A through a doxology.Please remain standing for the singing of the National Anthem.| Welcome Address| Coming together for this special event is a manifestation of our commitment to GO, CHANGE, and LEAD. To welcome us all in this momentous undertaking, I present to you MS. KEZIAH C. AGBANLOG.Let us give her a round of applause.Thank you Ms. Agbanlog for the warm greetings.| Opening Remarks| Moving on, to give us more inspiring thoughts for this morning, let us all welcome MS. JEIVE C. LAFEGUERA to give us her opening remarks.Thank you ma’am for that stirring message.| Intermission Number| And now, let us hold on to our seats as we experience the entertainment prepared for us by the students of BS ICT 1-A.Let us give them a big big hand.Thank you for that very amusing number. | Introduction of the 1st keynote speaker| To give the most fitting introduction for our keynote speaker, ladies and gentlemen, i give the floor to MS. EDNA C. PASCUA| Speech of the 1st keynote speaker| Thank you MS. ALEJO for...
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