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Outline for Special Occasion Speech

By lizzymac4 May 19, 2014 465 Words
Outline for Special Occasion Speech

Public Speaking
April 24, 2014

Eulogy to Myself

Specific Purpose: To pay a tribute in a eulogy to myself in a sibling point of view.


I’m so happy today to see so many familiar faces paying a tribute to my older sister Elizabeth Macaluso. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Claire Macaluso, Elizabeth’s younger sister. I can’t believe that it was just last week that the devastating news of Elizabeth’s passing away broke many hearts. At the peak of Elizabeth’s young and simple life, no one thought that she would be taken away from us so soon. Preview Statement: Even though today is a tragic and sad event, Elizabeth would of wanted us to celebrate her life, talk about her achievements and our fond memories with a smile on our faces. So, lets not dwell on this sorrow, but remember her achievements in life and keep her spirit alive in our hearts.


1. Elizabeth was more than just my sister, she was my closest friend. A.She was a prankster and enjoyed laughing
B.She was my main source of energy in my every day life
C.Despite the arguments, at the end of the day she was still my sister.

(Transition: In addition to being my closest sister and my closest friend, Elizabeth also succeeded in her career).

2. Elizabeth also carried out her ability to make the best of her adulthood as much as possible.
A. She had a kind heart
B. Her passion for people in need is why she became a nurse
C. Her determination and love for her career, was the success of her short-lived life.

(Transition: Despite her successful career, Elizabeth always found time to educate me at the same time).

3. Even though Elizabeth was a strong willed person, a lot of the things she knew was passed down to me.
A. She taught me athletics, about boys and beauty, but the main thing I have learned from her, was how to get around hard things in life.
B. She was the biggest figure in my life to whom I really looked up to.

Conclusion: There are so many things I wish I could say about my sister but there aren’t enough of words to describe it all. I can that she is loved and she will be missed. It’s sad that Elizabeth’s life ended so early in such a tragic way and its hard to accept that she is no longer with us. She had a loving family, friends and a successful career. Her life was cut far to short, but during her life on earth she touched a lot of people. Her memory will live on in our hearts forever.

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