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Good Luck Symbols
Many of us believe in carrying good luck symbols or charms with us, so that we are successful in our task. The article enlists some of the popular symbols that are believed to bring good luck.
Being lucky or unlucky is merely a mind game and the definition of luck may change from person to person. It is just a belief whether you consider a particular incidence to be a good fortune or bad. A good luck symbol is nothing but an event or object that is believed to bring good luck. It can be anything, right from a geometrical figure like swastika to part of a tree like acorn. Each of these symbols has some interesting history behind its origin. Four-Leaf Clover
A four leaved clover is rarely seen and hence, is considered as a good luck symbol. It is believed that finding such a clover leaf bring lots of luck. Each leaflet of such clover leaf is said to represent a unique sign. The first leaflet is for faith, the second for hope, the third represents love, while the fourth one stands for luck. In Irish culture, the 3 leaved clover, also called "Shamrock", was used to represent the Holy Trinity, by Saint Patrick. One leaflet is for Father, one for son and the third for the Holy Spirit. And when a Shamrock bears fourth leaflet, it represents God's grace. Some people like to carry this symbol with them in the form of a tattoo.
Horseshoe is one of the ancient symbols for good luck that is believed to keep away "evil eye" from entering into a home or into an individual's life. Moreover, since horseshoe protects the horse, people believe that it will also protect humans. Horseshoes are made by blacksmiths and blacksmithing is considered as a very lucky trade, since they work with one of the major elements, "fire". Some theories state that the unique shape of the horseshoe, which is similar to the horned moon, brings luck. Horseshoe when hanged with its ends pointed upwards is said to attract all the good luck. People still practice hanging the horseshoe magnet over the doorways to attract good luck.
The Swastika is an age-old powerful good luck symbol. Its name is derived basically from the Sanskrit word svastika, which can be split as, "su" means good, "asti" means to be and "ka" is just a suffix. The symbol has been widely used in eastern religions, that include, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It bears different names in various languages, like Hakenkreuz, gammadion, fylfot, tetraskelion, etc. The symbol was used by Nazis in their flag, and because of the devastating results, some people believed that swastika symbolized death and hatred. The debate on whether the swastika is a symbol for good luck or is a bad omen, still continues.

The shape of this symbol is characterized by two serpents wrapped along the length of the rod, with wings on the top of the rod. Caduceus is a good luck symbol used by many of the medical practitioners. The symbol is believed to bring good health and boost the immune system. The two serpents present in this symbol are said to represent balance or polarity, while the wings represent Mercury, who was the messenger of the Greek Gods.
Good Luck!

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