Ten Sacred Objects

Topics: Luck, Four-leaf clover, Yin and yang Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Ten Sacred Objects

Michelle Sanders


August 1, 2013
Greg Jorge
Ten Sacred Objects
1.) Fish are a symbol of luck in China. In fact, it’s traditional to serve fish at New Year’s dinner. The word fish, “Yu”, sounds like the word “wish” or “abundance” in Cantonese and Mandarin. 2.) Cows have long been sacred in India. They are protected animals under the Hindu religion. Hindus do not eat beef. In fact, most rural Indian families have at least one dairy cow which is often treated as a member of the family. Cow products are used in worship. 3.) Some Native American tribes and ancient peoples around Alaska believed the bear to be lucky. They viewed the bear as holding supernatural powers which enabled it to hibernate through winter. In Scandinavian folklore, the bear is the reincarnation of the great god Odin, ruler of Asgard. 4.) In many ancient cultures like the Celts, the frog is associated with rain. Rain is considered good luck of course, because it brings crops and food for the village. Similarly, in China the frog is believed to bring good fortune, and is seen as yin energy. Yin and yang are equal but opposing forces which exist in everything. The Yin aspect is flowing, smooth, cool, and dark in nature. In fact, rain is considered to be yin energy. 5.) The Christian Cross. The Christian Cross is a symbol of Christianity all over the world. Jesus Christ was crucified on a wooden cross and resurrected from the dead so all mankind could have eternal life. The object is often seen as jewelry in gold or silver the people where. Many churches and graves have crosses made of stone, wood or metal to be blessed, pay tribute to God. 6.) Candles. Candles date back to Egyptians, they often used candles as torches to light the way inside the dark pyramids, and however candles have been used in a many rituals for spell casting and also many spiritual ceremonies such as memorials or even perhaps weddings. Lighting...

References: http://holisticvetcare.com/blog/sacred-animals-and-animal-symbolism-throughout-the- world/
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