Demonstration: Making Candles

Topics: Beeswax, Candle, Paraffin Pages: 4 (947 words) Published: December 5, 2007
Title: Candlemaking

Specific purpose: To demonstrate to my audience how to make candles.

Thesis: To show my audience how easy and inexpensive it is to make your own candles at home.

I. Introduction

A. Attention Material: What comes to mind when you see candles? We associate candles with celebrations (like Christmas or birthdays) or special occasions. Candles date back to the Ancient Egyptians who are credited with making the first candles. They used torches made by soaking the spongy core of reeds in melted tallow (National Candle Association: History of Candlemaking, p. 1).

B. Tie to the audience: I'm sure that all of us at some point have used candles for celebrations, romantic experiences, or for just plain decoration. According to USA Today, the candle's sold in sotres have become a multi-billion dollar business. At stores, like Yankee Candle, candle's are prices from $5.00 to over $100.00. The great part about making your own candles is that they are inexpensive to make and you shape the wax into something special. What could be more special than to make someone you love a homemade gift?

C. Credibility material: Two years ago, I made candles for decoration and also for people to purchase during a medieval Madrigal dinner production that our A Cappella choir put on. I have also made candles since then as a part of my church youth group around the Christmas season.

D. Preview: I will explain three basic things which include how to go about finding the right materials, how to melt the wax, and how to make a molded ice-cube candle.

[Transition: So, let's start by doing the most important thing, which is to find all of the materials, and tools needed to make candles.] II. Body

A. The first step is to gather the equipment you will need (The Basics and Cool Candlemaking Ideas, p. 1).

1. You will need wax; you can either use old, worn out candles which are obviously free or you can purchase paraffin wax from...

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