Syliva Plath Confessional Poetry Speech

Topics: Sylvia Plath, Poetry, Confessional poetry Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: August 7, 2013
All forms of art have had an effect on society, and in turn have been influenced by society. Many forms of art have influenced social revolutions that changed ideas and attitudes. Confessional poetry is a literary art form that has brought dramatic changes to conservative minds. Confessional poetry talked about taboo topics; the confessional poets lived ‘taboo’ lives and they extended the boundaries of what was considered acceptable by the status quo. Welcome, to this conference, Nexus of Art and Society, to reflect on the question - how did confessional poets help to influence the changes that occurred in 1950’s and 60’s America and helped to shape today’s world of poetry and song Confessional poetry was never truly published until the late 1950’s. This type of poetry shocked as it discussed taboo topics. Confessional poets such as Sylvia Plath challenged America’s conservative attitudes. The poets did this by describing their terrible relationships with their fathers or mothers and unmasking America’s true scars. Throughout Sylvia Plath’s short life she has lived through troubled times such WW2 and the great depression; and these experiences would have affected the way that she wrote. Sylvia Plath father’s death when she was only 8 years of age had a dramatic effect on her life; she later expresses her hate for him in a poem titled “Daddy” which was written in 1962. Thought-out Sylvia’s Poem “Daddy” many poetic techniques are used to convey a message of hatred towards her farther. Through the use of a simile, ‘In which I lived like a foot’. Sylvia Plath suggests that she was trapped or supressed by her farther who she describes as a shoe. The entire poem is, in fact, a metaphor where she describes her father as a monster in different forms. An ongoing metaphor is used though out a few of her lines. This metaphor relates herself as a Jew and her farther a Nazi. She displaces her farther as “a man in black with a meinkampf look”. This is a reference to Hitler and...
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