Swot Analysis of Intel

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The Intel Corporation

The main purpose of this case analysis is to find the issue and problem that Intel Corporation faced and how they improve their performance and solve problems. First, I will summarize the history of Intel Corporation. Second, to point out the challenge that Intel Corporation has. And, third, I will use SWOT analysis to analyze the internal strengths and weakness and external opportunities and threats of Intel Corporation. Eventually, I will give some recommendation. History of Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is a leading microprocessor producer for personal computer (PC) in the world. Intel Corporation was formed by In 1968, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore founded Intel Corporation. After Intel Corporation founded, they recruited several employees from Fairchild Semiconductor to help them. Intel Corporation was mostly influenced by Andy Grove. He was an autocratic leader and gave everyone lots of pressure. Under his rules and management style, Intel Corporation set a good culture result in the future success.

Since the dawn of the Intel Corporation, it has gained the leading position in semiconductor industry such as memory chip and microprocessor. Intel invested heavily in their R&D department in order to strengthen their innovative leading position to against competitors. However, in recently years, the personal computer industry appears the negative growth rate which may harm for Intel business due to the majority business comes from personal computer. Therefore, Intel Corporation should take a consideration of downward sign to seek opportunity to exploit the blue ocean market.

SWOT analysis of Intel
1. Product Diversification
Intel has variety products such as processors, motherboards, servers, cable modems, and solid state drive. Although Intel has dominated the market, it still put a lot of efforts on their product innovation. Diversification of Products integrated...
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