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Cirque du Soleil:
The Circus of the Sun Shines

Bethany Caswell
DeVry University


Since 1984 Guy Laliberté has been building Cirque du Soleil, an artistic circus that has amazed thousands of people in hundreds of towns. Cirque has worked hard on keeping their strengths unbeatable and weaknesses miniscule. In the process of making their weaknesses turn into strengths they have taken advantage of many opportunities available to them. Cirque has done so well at expanding their horizon is it difficult to find opportunities they have not taken advantage of; so, where will they go from here? They do have a few threats; yet even these do not seem to injury Cirque du Soleil. They may need to watch negative media attention and keep founder Laliberté under wraps. Although with Cirque’s popularity, little will affect this strong company that takes advantage of all opportunities and turns their weaknesses into strengths.

Cirque du Soleil: The Circus of the Sun Shines

1. Mission Statement: Invoke, provoke and evoke the imagination, the senses and the emotions of people around the world.

2. Organizational strengths/weaknesses
a) Strengths
i. Unique: Cirque Du Soleil, French for Circus of the Sun, was founded in 1984 by Guy Laliberté in Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada for the 450th anniversary of Canada’s’ discovery celebration in Quebec City. (Roux, 2009) Cirque du Soleil now boasts 5 offices around the world: Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Singapore, and the headquarters in Montreal. The show that provides the audience with a mix of circus arts and street entertainment is a visual feast of colors, costumes and performances. ("About Cirque du Soleil") There truly is no other show like it on Earth. It is not like a traditional circus. It does not contain a center ring or have a parade of animals performing tricks. Cirque du Soleil shows do however contain something not common to an everyday circus, a plot. In the case of Quidam, a touring show, “A young girl fumes; she has already seen everything there is to see, and her world has lost all meaning. Her anger shatters her little world, and she finds herself in the universe of Quidam”. Moreover, elaborate and creative shows have continually been born from conception from the almost 200 creators that have worked for Cirque since 1984. One such creation is “O”, a resident show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. The stage for this performance is a 1.5 million gallon tank that is built into the Bellagio. (Jones, 2009) It goes without saying; Laliberté has created a niche in the entertainment world.

ii. TQM (Top Quality Management)/Multiculturalism: What started off as a small group of 73 employees, including 20 street performers, has turned into a business of over 3,000 employees and 1,000 performing artists. This 4,000 plus workforce comes from over 40 different countries and speak 25 different languages. (Roux, 2009) This diversity creates an advantage for Cirque. The six arguments for how diversity and multiculturalism are prevalent in this case. (Griffin, 2008) 1. Cost argument: Higher levels of productivity and lower levels of turnover and absenteeism a. 200 cities over the world have been visited since 1984 b. 90 million spectators have seen a show since 1984 c. 19 different shows around the world in 2009 (in comparison to 8 shows in 2000) i. 7 touring shows

ii. 2 arena shows
iii. 10 resident shows
iv. 1 seasonal show
d. 7 retired shows since 1984
e. 11 resident theatres
f. Average age of an employee has gone from 32 in 2000 to 35 in 2009 (Roux) 2. Resource acquisition argument: become known among women and minorities as a good place to work With over a 32 person casting crew,...

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