SV TCL & Associates Probe Company and Associates Product Review
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SV TCL & Associates Probe Company and
Associates Product Review
SV TCL and Associates manufactures some of the latest technology used in very popular products. Although the firm's name is not as popular as these products, the quality of the end-products utilizing these high-tech components owes much from the meticulous process and excellent care that go into their production.
Here are some of the products SV TCL manufactures in its many locations worldwide:
Water Level Chip Scale Package – Because of its small size and its use in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and
GPS gadgets, this product has become increasingly in demand. WLCSP, likewise, is very cost effective owing to a simplified production process which does not require a final, package test procedure as often done in other processes.
SV TCL's SpringTouchTM is a practical and economical solution for WLCSP test with spring pin probes which can overcome the bump height variation across the wafer. SV TCL also has an RF alternative of this technology for WLCSPs that need to be tested at a higher frequency. Other benefits of this product are: its crown-shaped probes, pitch range as low as 300 µm, customized pins and convenient replacement of pins.
Logic Touch™ Fine Pitch Vertical – The significant reduction of IC die geometries and the increasing complexity of device designs have made the job of on-wafer testing more and more difficult.
This product suits well the advanced versions, a fine pitch technology utilizing MEMS-style probe targeted for pad-limited devices such as High-Volume SoCs Microcontrollers, DSPs and 3D Packages. Logic Touch is also ideal for the latest device applications including TSV
(Through-Silicon Via) and Copper Pillar (Cu-Pillar).
Advantages include:
• Fine Pitch Capability Down to 50µm
• No Chip-Design Limitations
- Probe Arrays
- Corner Pads
• Single Pin Repairable
• MEMS-Style Probes
- Greater Scrub Consistency
- More Dimensional Control


Direct Dock Probe Cards

Direct-Dock-style wafer probing

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