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Assignment 1

1 Introduction

1.1 What is Sustainability

The World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED 1987, in Gareis et al. 2010, p. 2) defines sustainability as the development that conforms to the needs of the present without making or willing to make concessions on the ability of future generations in order to meet their own wants and needs.

In a different concept, sustainability has lately turned out to be a corporate yet societal concept (Gareis et al., 2010). Corporate sustainability has different meanings. It can be defined as the meeting of the needs of an organization’s stakeholders. Those stakeholders can be employees, shareholders, pressure groups, clients, communities, sub-contractors etc. But then, while meeting the needs of these stakeholders, it is of essence to say that the needs of stakeholders need to be met not at the expense of another stakeholder (Dyllick and Hockerts 2002, p. 131).

1.2 Introduction to the organization

In this part, the author has put forward the organization which is going to be discussed in the rest of the assignment in the light of sustainability. The organization manufactures goods and basically is related to engineering because of its inherent functioning.

Sustainability has turn out to be a vital subject in all spheres of life. Sustainability puts a strong focus on preservation of natural resources in opposition to its exploitation, for the sole reason of better productivity and competitiveness, by manufacturing and service organizations.

Houe and Grabot (2009) and Kumar and Putnam (2008) argues that sustainability in manufacturing processes is a foremost organizational concern throughout the world and is leading to firm regulations with regards to the influence of services and products throughout their manufacturing, use and end of life.

Guo et al. (2008) and Hsuan et al. (2008) states that this process now takes in reverse logistics to additionally safeguard the natural resources and protect the environment during the execution of manufacturing production at commercial level.

1.3 Issues of Sustainability in Manufacturing Industries

Industries throughout the world have revealed their concern in the manufacturing which is purely environmental friendly and is sustainable. At the moment, the attention is focused on manufacturing which is a pole apart from conventional focus with reference to life-cycle assessment and pollution control.

Madu et al. (2002) discourses that processes, services and products cooperate with the environment and generate a kind of effect, which can be substituted with that of chain reaction, on the global environmental pollution.

In modern and developing countries, a massive quantity of waste is not recycled or properly cast out of by industries, which goes against the very practice of sustainability. This has shown the way to serious problems of dangerous waste management, locating latest sanitary landfills, and the reduction of raw materials.

In order to cope with this negligence and cycle of waste, Ayres (1989) argues that manufacturing industries ought to find novel and sustainability-oriented ways to transfer waste from one manufacturing industry that can then be recycled in another such manufacturing industry.

In this element, Madu et al. (2002) has presented a product life-cycle approach for a manufacturing process which is sustainable. This life-cycle approach is basically based on the idea of recycling, environmentally helpful equipment design and selection of material, product design and manufacturing processes, efficient waste collection technological systems, disassembly and recovery of scraps, and removal of dangerous waste and components.

Manley et al. (2008) define green chemistry as “the design, development, and implementation of chemical products and processes to...
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