Design and Sustainability

Topics: Sustainability, Peak oil, Energy development Pages: 5 (1225 words) Published: December 1, 2014
In society nowadays, sustainability is rather an important concept for mostly all organisations. Over the past few years, the pollution rate has rapidly increased all over the world; and so, many designers, developers, engineers are seeking new ways of approach to be able to achieve the goal of being sustainable, then apply it to their designs and improve the quality of life. Supposing, there are no researches into being more sustainable, what will then happen is that in a long run, the human race will have to suffer several consequences, for example, climate change, which is already happening at the moment. And to what reason sustainability is so important to the organisations – the producers? The fact is that, marketing nowadays is actually revolved around the customers, in particular, customer’s wants and needs, and their satisfaction. And when the customers have come to acknowledge the importance of protecting the environment; to be able to sell their products/designs, the producers need to create a solution that helps to improve their products, being more ecology.

To be exact, what is sustainability and design? Currently, all resources are considered to be scare, and, according to Sheehan (2009), sustainability means more than just protecting the environment and being energy efficient, it also involve with the economy and the social system; it is to maintain the current state of the resource and environment, while being able to achieve the operational and financial goals. Following, design concludes all activities from the first stage, from finding the concept, to the actual production of product; design is also to find solutions for problems, or new, more efficient ways to solved them, which the problems might have been previously solved in a different ways (Blumrich, 1970). Therefore, promoting sustainable development is an important job for the government, the designers and the society as well.

As stated above, the scarcity of resources has become an important issue for the society nowadays. For decades, human have been neglected in using the resources, without thinking that resources, such as oil, might runs out one day. Basically, for easy understanding, it can be said that our wants are ‘unlimited’, but the quality of natural resources available are ‘limited’, and to such, we have to make choices in how to allocate the resources (Morris, 2010). It is crucial that the designers come to acknowledge the current state of the resources, and they find new approaches of design, so that such scarcity resources will be maintained, or at least, the reduction rate of the resources will be reduced overtime, while, also be able to achieve the financial objective of the organisation.

While thinking of being sustainable in designing, the designers should be able to relate it to being ethical as well, and to do that, it associates with protecting the environment and maintain its state. In Vietnam, it is easier for companies to exploit oil, as we already have the source here; and, oil have been a great use in Vietnam as well, such that most of the vehicles are fueled with petrol, not so much of them run with eco-friendly alternative energy sources, like solar power. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the price of gas in Vietnam might be cheaper, compare to the other energy. In the sense of the consumers, people would prefer the cheaper things, so, it is a role of the designers to do what is best to try and satisfy the expectation of both the consumers and the society; and also, designers might also need to propagate to the society, to make people believe that eco-friendly energy sources are worthy enough for them to spend their hard-earn money on.

The media and advertisings have been proven to be a great use, to spread out information of new products, new design to the consumers. In the past, you might have seen an advertising of a doctor with a cigarette on his hand, said that he would prefer this particular...

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