Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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Michelle Lasseter
Mrs. Stover
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March 27, 2012
How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse
In the possible occurrence of a zombie apocalypse, certain measures involving shelter, food, weapons, and fitness should be taken to better the chances of survival in such a desperate situation. Throughout the years, movies, television shows, and other miscellaneous hype have heightened a large number of people’s suspicion about the possibility of disease-ridden humans taking over the world. In reality, that atrocity is not exactly far-fetched. With so many vaccines and medicines being mass produced without the sufficient steps taken to test the results, the chance of humans contracting unimaginable side effects is a rational possibility. If such a disaster occurred, being prepared could save your life.

The first key to survival is having a sustainable, zombie-proofed shelter. Whether it is a house, store, RV, or any other building, you will need a safe place to sleep at night. If your town has not yet been ransacked completely by zombies, staying at home in a familiar environment is a good idea. You will need to zombie-proof your house by boarding up all windows and make sure all you doors have sturdy, reliable locks. If you want a larger task, taking on a supercenter such as Wal-Mart will keep you stocked for many years, but securing the entire area would be a very tedious job (How To… Attack). No matter what shelter you seek, make sure it is sturdy and you don’t draw attention to yourself, because no matter how strong the walls are, if a large herd of zombies sight in on your shelter, you have little or no hope of surviving.

The second key to survival is food. No food equals no life, so staying stocked is brutally important. After you have established your shelter, focus on the gathering of food. Learning to eat sparingly will be a dire aspect, especially if your group consists of a large number. Water is also important. Although difficult to achieve, a...

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