Surrogates the Movie

Topics: Personal life, Bruce Willis, Surrogates Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: April 13, 2010
“Look at yourselves, unplug from your chairs, get up, and look in the mirror what you see is how God made you we’re not meant to experience life through a machine.” This seems to be the moral of this movie in the year 2017 and takes place in Boston, MA. Bruce Willis plays an FBI detective named Tom Greer working on a very mysterious murder of a young man who is the son of a prominent inventor. A news style montage opens the movie and provides you with the fundamental basis for the movie. The viewer learns that the technology of Surrogates took 14 years to develop into the everyday application as it would be depicted in the film. The surrogate project started as a way to help the disabled experience life in a way that would not be possible and soon was taken over by military application to use these surrogates and warriors in the battlefield to preserve human life. It was the Military application that set up mass production of surrogates and this made surrogates affordable to the average consumer. Near the end of the 14 year montage it is established that 98% of the entire world has a surrogate and is using them for their everyday life so the user can remain at home in safety and never needs to risk the danger or inconvenience of leaving home. There is a group of people however that are in strict opposition to the new surrogate way of life. This group is called the Human Coalition and they live in Dread Reservations which are located within major cities all over the world. These reservations are considered surrogate free zones and are completely sovereign. This group of people does not tolerate any type of surrogate technology and preach the experience of the human condition as the truth. This seems to be a cut and dry good vs. evil movie at first and the two sides clearly established but as the movie moves along the lines become blurred and the twists are pronounced.

Tom Greer and his partner are called to the scene of a seemingly...
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