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What do beginning surfers need to know for safety and enjoyment? While most of people lie down on the long sandy beach, listening to the natural music of tides and soaking up the sun, a few X-sports fans are challenging themselves in the waves. Although surfing has existed for centuries, it was not popular decades ago. As people reach physical satisfaction, they realize that they need to take a breath outside of office. Get closer to the nature and explore their spiritual satisfaction, surfing become prevailing than ever. However, some people learn surfing to show off that is definitely not what surfing can bring to you. Instead, they trap in a dangerous situation. Others learn surfing recklessly, such as surfing in the big wave at first time learning. To learn surfing, it is not necessary to take risk. There are surfing knowledge about safety and enjoyment for beginning surfers. Before learning surfing, people should be able to swimming. As is known to all, whomever surfing will fall down eventually, everyone must have basic swimming skills to save him or herself immediately. First of all, it is essential to start with a safe place. It seems every outdoors sport depend on the climate, surfing is not an exception. Considering a safe place, it involved with wave, weather and surf spots. The proper equipment contributes to the safety as well, such as choose a comfortable surfing board and use a leash. A laical is not able to tell the difference between two surfing board, but a little alteration will affect the safety factor. The way that people learning surfing varies. Those who have talent for sports pick up the skill by themselves. They might watch the video lessons and start at a shallow place with weak waves. Some people would learn from their friends who live near beach and learning surfing at young age. I believe most people will join a surfing school or have a professional instructor. They will help you obtain the skill more comprehensive than the first two ways. It is widely consent that without a good mentality; nothing can be done successfully and joyfully. That is what surfing school and the instructor cannot teach. One is at the helm of him.

Safe place does not mean any wave, but appropriate wave for one’s skill level so that one at any level can be pleased. Australia, Bali, Hawaii are gorgeous surf spots to learn surfing in the world. The Byron Bay in Australia was a dairy town, but today its variety of waves attracts different levels surfers to go. The wave “ from gentle rollers off Watego Beach to the beach breaks of Tallows and The Wreck” (Stacker, 2009), just catch the comfortable one. Kuta, one of the beaches in famous tropical resort Bali, has desirable waves for learners. On the sand shore of the tourist strip the tide brings in small waves (Stacker, 2009). For those people who are living in North America, Hawaii is a wonderful place to surfing. This ancient surfing spot keep its reputation from generation to generation. The gentle and small waves provide beginners an easygoing atmosphere (Stacker, 2009). When start at a popular beach, novice surfers are among beginners, not only having fun but more safe since people are always around you.

Like one article says: “Weather and surf go hand in hand like peanut butter and chocolate“(“How the weather affects the surf”, 2011, para. 1). Weather and surf are strongly related. Different seasons and weather have diverse influence on surfing. For beginners, time of the year and climate are important for specific conditions. In many surfing places, spring might not be attractive; the consistent wind will shorten the waves and make difficulties (“How the weather affects the surf”, 2011). Early summer would be a perfect time for learners. It is warmer and clearer. Surfing in late summer or fall would not be a wise decision, because tropical seasons will bring hazardous waves and tide conditions that could quickly put inexperienced surfers into deadly situations...

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