Black Rock Essay

Topics: Risk, Adolescence, Financial risk Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Black rock essay
Steven vidler, director of Blackrock use a number of cinematic techniques to the theme of risk. Teenagers are notorious for risk tasking behaviour which can have devastating consequence for the future. Blackrock is a 1997 film tells the story of Jared, a teenage boy who witness a rape and murder at a teen party, and must risk his social status (and safety) by coming forward. Vidler explores the theme of risk using film techhiguc such as montage, costuming, dialog, Montage:

A montage in the film’s opening credits shows teenagers surfing and having fun on the beach. Shots of teens surfing successfully are mixed in with scenes of people falling off their boards and ‘wiping out’. Part of the appeal of surfing may be the risk involved; the teenagers are rejecting the safe, over-protective world established for them by their parents.

Jade arrives to meet her friends dressed in baggy, conservative clothes, but takes them off to reveal her party, clothes underneath. Jade is defying her mother’s orders, instead choosing to go to the party and have fun with her friends. By ignoring the wishes of her mothers, jade is taking great risk-teenagers often takes risks to be accepted by their peers, at the risk of upsetting their loved ones.

Rachael’s father tells her “you’re not allowed to go (to the party”). Rachel’s father insists that she stay at work, and so she respects his decision (reluctantly). Risks often involve teens ignoring their responsibilities; by doing what she is obliged to do, Rachael avoids risk.

Tracking shot:
A series of tracking shots show Ricko ‘surfing’ on the bonnet of a fast car, as a crowed watch on. Ricko is loved by his friends for his willingness to take wild risks like this; being ‘wild’ makes him popular. The greatest the risk a teenagers is willing to take the greater the respect that they often get in return.

While the teenagers are seen drinking and...
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