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Unit 201 Outcome 1
Intellectual and commination

0-3 months
They baby develops through the scenes of sight, feeling and hearing. Showing awareness of outside stimuli through movement. At first these movements are reflexive e.g. starling to sudden sounds. But as the baby develops these responses these behaviors become intentional. For example the following of eyes of which they may focus on faces and respond with their own facial expressions.
At the same time the baby develops a small range of vocalizations with limited/no meaning for example gurgling or murmurs.
3-6 months
At this stage there is slightly more understanding and meaning to the baby in their actions. Still mainly focusing the development on sight, feeling and hearing the baby will start to be picking up on colour and becoming excited with more vibrant colours. Their co-ordination will start to improve as they start to grasp, suckle and move towards desired objects. When in the early stages of weaning, they may start to develop early stages of taste, distinguishing favorite tastes.
At this time the baby will start to link sounds to objects they have heard being sounded by their parents such as repeatedly sounding ‘mumma’ by the mother helping to link the word with her. As well as starting to be more aware of others and starting to repeat open sounds they may have picked up such as ahh, ba and maa.
The baby will start to be able to link desired objects, such as a bottle, to something they may want and may show gestures such as licking lips and getting excited to show desire. Towards the later end of this stage of development the baby may start to reach out for an object but not understand that if it’s not visible it may still be hidden for instance a bottle being behind a box this is referred to as object permanence.
6-9 months
More focused on the development of sound, purposeful communication and the linking of items to noises or to the need or desire to the baby. As well as starting to

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