Support Children And Young People

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Support children and young people’s behaviour

TDA 2.9

Task 1
TDA 2.9 -1.1
At Roseberry Primary School we seek to encourage a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere where good relationships exist within a caring environment where all children are the opportunity to achieve their potential.
Children are encouraged to develop independence and self-discipline in order to enable them to accept responsibility for their behaviour.
A consistent approach to behaviour amongst the school community ensures that all pupils, staff and parents work to a common goal based on mutual respect and understanding of others.
At Roseberry we are careful to distinguish between the child and their unacceptable behaviour. We ensure that all children understand they have a part to play when making choices about their actions.

Rewarding good behaviour
The basis of our reward system is the acknowledge of good behaviour. We seek to inspire children to achieve high standards of discipline and academic achievement by praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement of good behaviour. This is achieved in a number of ways:
Effective use of praise linked directly to the golden rules
Verbal praise and smiling at children
Stickers or smiley faces
Golden time
Sending good work to other staff members for rewards or praise
Good work assembly
Individual class reward systems
Token system
Token system – each week teachers will pick one of the rights to focus on (UN convention on the rights of children). Children are to be given a token for any good behaviour which links to the right throughout the week which would then be collected in a class pot. During Friday assembly, a name will be drawn from each pot and this child will be the star of the week. As a reward, these children will sit on a special star of the week chair.
Praise – teachers will reward children for work or good behaviour with a variety of different rewards. For example, stickers, verbal praise and discussion about what the

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