Supply Chain of a Welding Arc Company

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Tawi Acr Electrodes
The company was started in the year 1987 by a budding entrepreneur Mr. Anil Suri who by qualification is an engineer. Completed his engineering from PEC (Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh) in electrical stream and got a job in the state government department but he soon realized that his interests are different from this. So in the year 1987 he started this little venture with involvement of the family members. After all these years the unit is still in manufacturing and doing well in the competitive market with many close competitors like Nair Electrodes the biggest of all.
Below are the tables of upstream and downstream suppliers of the company
Upstream Suppliers | Supplier Name | Material Supplied | 1 | Steel Authority Of India (SAIL), Jammu | EQ wire rod IS 2879 | 2 | Indian Rare Earths Ltd., Ganjam Orissa | Rutile sand, TiO2 | 3 | Apollo Extrusion (P) Ltd., Kanpur , UP | Low carbon Ferro Manganese powder | 4 | Kandpal Chemicals, Delhi | Cellulose powder | 5 | Vasundra Minerals, Bhilware | Various mineral powder | 6 | Noble Alchem (P) Ltd., Bhiwani | Pot silicate | 7 | Local Manufacturers, Jammu | Packing Materials |
Downstream Supply chain | Buyers | Location | 1 | Indian Railways | Luckhnow, Kapurthala | 2 | Government Departments | Jammu &Srinagar | 3 | Industries in Jammu | Jammu | 4 | Local Fabricators | Jammu | 5 | Hardware Stores | Jammu, Srinagar |
Kraljic Matrix of Raw Material

Bottleneck Items 1. Various minerals 2. Cellulose powder | Strategic Items 1. EQ wire rod IS2879 2. Rutile sand | Non-Critical Items 1. Packing material | Leverage Items 1. Pot silicate 2. Low carbon Ferro Manganese powder |

Working of the supply chain on the Upstream Side
In case of Tawi Arc Welding Pvt. Ltd. there are in total 7 suppliers and they have been divided on the bases of the material that they supply to the company as strategic, leverage, non-critical and bottleneck

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