Superstitions Speech

Topics: Superstition, Luck, Omen Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: April 3, 2005
I'm doing my speech on superstitions. Wulp wish me luck, break a leg, knock on wood.

Superstitions, what are they and where did they come from? Are they true are they false or is there some sort of reasoning behind them? Or are they simply just a whole lot of mumbo jumbo. I mean ….. awww man (meeoow) there goes a black cat man talk about bad luck it just took off with any luck that I had, (gosh darn – click fingers well lets see if its true…Mrs Maslen whadda ya reckon am I gonna get an A for this or what? C'mon c'mon you can tell me. Damn you cat (shake fist meeooow). Where did that superstition come from? For heavens sake how pathetic is it! Anyways for most people these are simply old wives tales and silly misconstrued stories, happenings and events. But for others these are real, they believe every word of these.

For centuries people have been fascinated by these superstitions. Superstitions have bewitched, bemused and befuddled the minds of millions, billions of innocent people. Because believing superstitions is simply showing ignorance and fear of the unknown. This is why so many people have fallen into the traps and beliefs that are superstitions, taboos. These superstitions have been deeply influential in history. You look back in history and you'll find them 600, 700 back in time.

To me superstitions are simply beliefs or practices with no rational substance to them, for instance, ok a bird, if a bird flies into the house it is a sign of death. Now in all honesty can you tell me that you can find any reasoning in that at all. Cos that ain't true birds have flown into our house and you don't see me dead (well derr) bad example, but no one I even know has dropped dead all a sudden after a bird flew in my house.

When you look at them most superstitions and taboos have to do with some kind of luck be it good or bad. No one is 100% certain why this is but is believed to have been started centuries ago. Peoples knowledge of things around them...
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