The roles in the novel Huckleberry Fin

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Jesse Jesseman
Huckleberry Fin
Superstition, coincidence, and fate are all important roles in the book Huckleberry Fin. Superstition plays in on many occasions throughout the book and it shows once when he killed the spider by flicking it into fire. Coincidence also played another very important role throughout the novel. Lastly, fate is the major role in the novel as well.

There are many examples of superstition in the novel, Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twian. One of the examples is when Huck kills the spider by flicking it into the fire. Killing the spider to Huck was considered very bad luck. Another example is when they had used a hair ball to tell fortunes. The last one is when Huck runs out of tobacco and he goes to the Craven to get some and he finds a rattlesnake. He then kills it and then puts it on the end of Jim’s bed then when Jim went to lay down the snake got him.

Coincidence is also shown multiple times throughout the novel. First, it is a major coincidence that the Phelps’, the ones who bought Jim, are Tom’s aunt and uncle. The second coincidence is that the Phelps’ are expecting Tom to show up and when Huck shows up they think he is Tom. Because the aunt thought Huck was Tom, Huck was able to use his identity for a while. He used his identity to hide who he really is and he can live an okay life for that short time being.

Lastly fate, one of the biggest themes of the three, is shown quite a bit in this novel. One role of fate in this novel is when Jim tells Huck not to go near the water because it is his fate to be hanged. The whole book is leading up to Jim and Huck’s final fate in the end. Which is for

All three roles; superstition, coincidence, and fate play very important parts in the book Huckleberry Finn. From the killing of the spider to the fortune telling hair ball to the fate of Huck and Jim. They are all equally part of the book.
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