Super Project

Topics: Economics, Cash flow, Income statement Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Super Project Case

What are the relevant cash flows that General Foods should use in evaluating the Super Project?  In particular, how should management deal with such issues as Test-market expenses?
Overhead Expenses?
Erosion of Jell-O contribution margin?
Allocation of charges for the use of the excess agglomerator?

The relevant cash flows that General Foods should use in evaluating the Super Project are considered Incremental cash flows and are “the changes in the firm’s cash flows that occur as a direct consequence of accepting the project”. Incremental cash flows include changes in working capital; cost of project, overhead expenses, erosion of Jell-o margin, opportunity cost (allocation of charges for the use of the excess agglometor), net proceeds and tax savings from the sale of old assets. General Foods Accounting and Financial Manual specified that capital project request be prepared on an incremental basis.

Although Super Project incurred an expense of testing the market, this expense must not be included in the cash flow analysis because it can be considered a sunk cost. General Foods expected Super to capture a 10% share of the total desert market. This expense is required for conducting market research and will not be recovered.

Sources of cash flow include, Overhead expenses, which must be included in the cash flow analysis. The estimated expansion of the Super Project to capture 80% of the market will require extra capital and extra labor force to sustain the increasing demand for the product.

The erosion of Jell-O Sales must also be included in our cash flow analysis because it affects the rest of the firm. An economics hit that Jell-O sales will receive due to erosion will be significant. Erosion might occur naturally due to competition, but judging by Table A in the Super Project case study we can determine that erosion due to competition is extraneous and assumes a very low probability. However, based on prediction...
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