sun yat sen

Topics: Economics, China, Economic system Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: February 7, 2015
Throughout history, revolutionaries and revolutions have shaped many different countries both negatively and positively. The early nineteen hundreds gives many examples of change in government and rebellion by the people over land, capitalism and nationalism. “In Russia, China and Mexico, revolutionaries had more ambitious dreams of redistributing land, helping impoverished factory workers and ending the privileges of the rich”.1 Sun Yat-Sen was a pioneer for reconstructing China as a country and was devoted to changing China as a nation after the Qing era. Sun created the three people principle, which focused on changing China’s society as a whole and concentrated on nationalism as a country, democracy by the citizens and their welfare and livelihood of living in China. Sun knew that China was under achieving and used the failure of previous governing bodies to help strengthen his campaign of making China a whole community. Sun Yat-Sen used his global experiences and studies to help form his economic theories and principles. Sun used many of Henry George’s concepts in his three people principles and preached them to the United League in 1906 where he explained why China needed such drastic change. The first major issue he addressed was that the governments current political system was intolerable of those living in freedom and equality. Sun was adamant on changing “China from an autocratic dynastic system to a democratic republic”.2 Sun used the population and strong culture of the Han (chines people) to prove that a strong military is not as durable as a united country. Through a democracy he believed that capitalism could be eliminated making the economy stronger by allowing the agricultural and industrial aspect of the country more wide spread. Sun believed that through a democracy and equality that his country could strive for greatness and is why he promoted “the establishment of a republic, and the equalization of land ownership”.3 The constant...
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