Sun Dish Inc. Research Proposal

Topics: Television network, Satellite television, Broadcasting Pages: 4 (983 words) Published: October 28, 2014
Title:Research Proposal
Name:Horace Hogan
Subject:Strategic Management

Table of ContentsPage
1.The purpose of the study3

2.The objective of the research3

3.Preliminary literature review3

4.The design of research4

5.The method of research4

6.Expected findings and there implications5

7.A proposed list of resources7

The purpose of the study
The Research proposal would let us understand the operations and business of satellite TV and the study would investigate the contributions of the cable television considering the competition in the industry and the viability of the project. The statistical data which has been part of the research includes the cable operations existing along with the competition business. With the changes in the television industry and the growing demand of the consumers for viewing abundant information through multiple channels, the industry has succeeded in meeting up with these expectations through satellite television. The research has been conducted taking into consideration the research methodology used including the primary and the secondary data. The objective of the research

The satellite television companies adopting a different route to attract the consumers and considering the live viewership along with the streamed online videos and the impact on the satellite television channel companies who would have to work on the costs too in order to provide better viewership to consumers. The research also covers the rationale of having the size of satellite dish as it would again lead to a significant effect on the cost for the television companies.

Preliminary literature review
The existing competition in the cable television companies in the United States are operating on the model where franchising is an option sought to reduce the economic power in the local...
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