DirecTV Company: Brand Equity

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Brand equity
DirecTV Company has a great promotion which includes its offers for a limited time. The company strategy is to promote their limited time deals to gain and attract more clients by focusing on high quality and value offers to its customers. Furthermore, one of the main important elements to introduce the DirecTV’s brand, is their ability to satisfy all the clients by offering a reasonable price which is 29.99$ with premium services. In this case, DirecTV is offering more than 150 channels and free premium services. In order to build up a strong image for their brand, a strong price strategy with full emphasize on meeting the potential and current customers’ needs and desires requirements. The brand equity for DirecTV is too high because it is determined by the company level in the market and through its customers. On the other hand, there are many ways that DirecTV can use one of them to make a unique promotion. An effective way is utilizing new deals, such as giving new customers free one month trials to their channels. Thus, it is helpful in building a positive image for the company brand, and showing how the firm is credible in implementing its deals for all customers.

Dish Network Company is the main competitor for DirecTV firm. The promotion that is used by dish Network has a good package of services with the lowest prices. They offer deals to attain all the benefits for consumers and make them satisfied. In fact, this kind of deals is reflected on the company’s brand which is trying to make it memorable in the clients’ mind. However, the brand equity for Dish Network is sort of high, based on the consumer point of view and its market level. In my opinion, if they made small changes in their current strategies, they can build up strong brand equity, by focusing on how to convince the customers through employing unusual methods such as, give the first 100 clients free TVs with free trial for its services for a limited time. The DirecTV is the...
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