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Happiness is the things that every people dream to have a lot because it bring us enjoy and delightful. I am a man who born on the planet earth, which give me a lot of happiness but there are three things that I will feel worst if I live without family, friends and to have my own good health. First, I can’t be happy without my family and friends. Families are the one who give me birth, they take care of me as well as they could, they protect me and give me love. All of those things give me morale to do the entire task in my life. As well as friends, there are the one who advise me every time that will make me have problem. Next thing is money. Everyone needs money. At this time money is very essential for all the people, we can’t live without any money. There are many things that we need to buy by money, Also things that we want to buy too. If I have got a lot of money, I will donate some of it to the poor, because to do those things I feel extremely good. Last thing is my health. I want to be very healthy, I want to live longer. Good health makes me feel fresh every day then I can do my entire job in a day efficiently. In fact, there are many other things that can make me feel happy. However, the most important thing that everyone must do is to make life the most valuable. And that will make every day in your life the greatest day.
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