Summary The Age Of Immigration

Topics: Europe, Slavery, Spain Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: April 15, 2015
Ahmed Amasrahi
Summary : The Age of Immigration
Pakenham, McEntire, and Williams (2013) illustrates that the immigration start between 1830 and 1930. In that year, immigration spread from the old world to the new world. In 1890, around 15 percent of the US population are immigrant. The first 60 years almost all immigration in US was from Northwestern and Europe. Also, a few number was from Asia, and some immigrants was from African as slaves. The immigrant's most distribution to America, Canada and South America. Sociology and economy are the main factors as push and pull factors. There is factor influenced on Immigrant making decisions to leave. Sociology and economists divide the factors to Push and Pull factors. Push the factors that made the immigrants leave from their countries to a new countries. The opposite of that, pull factors which made the new country more likable from the immigrants. Economic hardship for example, was the first push factors in 19th century in Europe. Economic hardship for example, was the first push factors in 19th century in Europe. This factor was affected workers of all kinds. Industrial transition and agriculture had left many of them unemployed and decrease of salary. The New World offered many of pull factors which attracted immigrants. By offering good land with a cheap prices, hire non-farm labor, Political stability new world pulled immigrants to their countries. Immigration wave that peak between 1990 and World War I. In this period, there is the circumstances that led develop a strong demand for labor in The New World. In this world demand for labor was for ambitious jobs, and development of the system of contract labor. Because of this system, companies need to pay for immigrants’ journey to the new world. The companies benefited in two ways, by working the immigrants with lower salary, and paying interest. In the New World workers were brought against their will. Also, the slave trade started before the age of...
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