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1. Basic concepts
Organizational Structure: is the formal framwork by which job tasks are divided grouped and coordinate Organizing: is the process by which management seeks its objectives by combining the efforts of people under its supervision Organizational design: a process of selecting and executing an organizational structure consistent with the organizational strategies and environment 2. Six key elements

Work specialization (division of labor): is the degree to which tasks in an organization are divided into separate jobs Traditionally, work specialization was viewed as a way to divide work activities into separate job tasks Today’s view is that it is an important organizing mechanism but can lead to problems: boredom, stress,… Departmentalization: the basic by which jobs are grouped. 5 common forms of departmentalization: functional departmentalization, product departmentalization, geographic departmentalization, process departalization, customer departmentalization, customer departmentalization, cross-functional departmentalization. Chain of command: is the continuous line of authority that extends form upper levels to the lowest levels and clarifies who reports to whom. It helps employees determine whom to go to if they have a problem and also to whom they are responsible. Traditionally, the chain of command and its companion concepts – authority, responsibility, and unity of command- were viewed as important ways of maintaining control in organization. Today’s view is that they are less relevant in today’s organizations Span of control: determines the number of employees a manager can efficiently and effectively manage. Traditionally, span of control was that managers should directly supervise mo more than five to six individuals. Today’s view is that the span of control depends on the skills and abilities of the manager and the employees and on the characteristics of the situation. Formalization: concerns the organization’s use of...
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  • This essay is a description of the functions of management; planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.

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