Summary Of The Book 'Who Are You Sue Snue'

Topics: Language, Reading, Linguistics, Education, Learning, Orthography / Pages: 2 (315 words) / Published: Nov 17th, 2016
Dr. Seuss books have always been one of the top series of children books for as long as I can remember. Dr. Seuss books have always been wonderful books to facilitate language and literacy. “Who are you Sue Snue”, is one of many great examples of the Dr. Seuss best sellers. “Who are you Sue Snue” was written by Tish Rabe. The book is about a young girl who has just finished celebrating her birthday. Throughout the book, Sue is being asked by the cat in the hat what she would like to be when she grows up. The Cat suggest many different options to Sue but in the end she tells everyone that she just wants to be herself. I believe this book is wonderful for children to practice their reading skills for many different reasons. There are two main

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