Summary of Minutes of Meetings

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Minutes of meetings are very important for any business it does not matter the business is small or huge. We should remember some points whenever we decided to arrange meeting. There are some points, which are very necessary to take into consideration. • Tool whatever we used in meetings should not be mind diverting. • Tool must be helpful for the purpose of the meeting. • Some people comfortable with pc tablet.

• Some are feeling comfortable with tape recorder.
• Some are feeling comfortable with laptops.

These are some tools, which is necessary to keep with you. Some people say laptop may create distraction nod convert the focus of attendees who are presenting meeting. Other options are also available for the person who is selected to record minutes of meetings. These are some tools lets talk about what are the purpose of minutes of meetings.

Business meetings may be conducted formally or informally but employers appreciated greatly whatever skill he used to record the minutes of meetings. It also depends on the nature of the business. There are some initial steps, which cannot be avoided in any cost. These points are, first of all circulate the attendance sheet and give instruction to mark present and sign on the attendance sheet, because most of the people know not each other. Just observe who is attending the meeting and who is not. Make a map of the sitting arrangement. Write the important issues which will be discuss in the meeting and one thing is more witch is important for the person who is recorded the minutes of meeting should sit beside chairperson if he has not understand anything, the person clarify his confusion form chairperson. Write down items in the sequence. Meetings are conducted because some people forget what we have decided in last meetings. Some main and essential points should be capturing in...
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