Summary Assignment

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Summary Assignment
Charles Cunningham
DeVry University

Summary Prewriting

Theme: Family
Topic: Life-Work(Im)balance/Flexible Work Schedules
Title: Flexible work arrangements: exploring the linkages between perceived usability of flexible work schedules and work/life balance. Intended audience: The intended audience is primarily individuals that have to commute a long distance to work and spend a large portion of their day away from home and their families. Writer’s background: J.R. Hayman is a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Auckland University of Technology. Writer’s angle: As this is a research article, Hayman based all of his discussions on the specific statistics and correlations of the data collected for all the studies conducted. His angle is to use scientific analysis to make a sound judgment as to whether or not there is a significant impact of flexible work arrangements on employees and organizational outcomes.

Part 1: The one-sentence summary
Hayman (2009), Studies show that employees enhanced their ability to intergrade and balance between their life, work, & family when they were offered a more flexible work schedule and were able to take advantage of the option with out there being any repercussions to their career.

Part 2: The one-paragraph summary
Hayman (2009), Drawing information gathered from numerous studies he has determined that perceived usability, which ‘refers to the extent to which employees feel free to use provided flexible work schedules’ (Hayman, 2009, p.328) plays a big part into whether or not employees actually take advantage of said flexible schedule option offered by their company. However, of those employees that do take advantage of the flexible options, most if not all have a better time finding balance between work, life and family. Part 3: The multiple-paragraph summary

Hayman (2009), Taking advantage flexibility in work schedules that are provided by a company or organization can play a vital role in an employee’s ability to balance their life, work & family. It is the perception that if employees take advantage of the offered flexible schedules there would be career consequences in the future that seems to be the problem with the employees actually taking advantage of these incentives not the lack of flexible work schedule options.

Additionally, Hayman believes that “organizational flexible work initiatives may not be enough to create job flexibility, and thus influence employee work/life balance.” (Hayman, 2009, pg. 329) Employees need more consistency from their supervisors implementing and approving flexible work schedules which in turn will alleviate employee stress in the work place and provide an easier opportunity for employees to balance their work, life & family.

Part 4: Your reaction
I believe that Hayman’s research provides further proof that companies should think long and hard about offering their employees more control over their work schedules. I have seen it first hand how productivity decreases when employees are unhappy and/or unsatisfied. Providing initiatives such as flexible work schedule can and does “have a positive influence on the work and non-work attitudes of employees.” (p.328)

Part 5: Reference
Hayman, J.R. (2009, August). Flexible work arrangements: exploring the linkages between perceived usability of flexible work schedules and work/life balance. Community, Work & Family, 12(3), 327 - 338.
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