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| | |Learning Outcome |Assessment criteria to test outcomes |Feedback |Assessor’s decision | | |1.1 Describe the characteristics of successful business | | | |1) Understand the features of successful business |teams. | | | |teams | | | | | |1.2 Assess the importance of team roles in successful | | | | |business teams. | | | | |1.3 Analyze the value of using theoretical models when | | | | |building successful business teams. | | |


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A typical definition for a team is “A group of people, contributing their individual knowledge and skills but working together to achieve a common goal/task.”(Derek Stockley,2006) Most people agree that using teams and teamwork provides benefits both to the organization and the individuals, there by welfare of their dependants/ society.

We Continental Airlines have team members based in different time zones working 24 X 7 to meet customer satisfaction without any compromise on standards. Members of a team may never meet face to face. They work from different parts of the world through calls, emails, file sharing technology and other online meeting methods. Organizations have embraced teams and teamwork as an effective tool of doing business as our CEO Mr. Gordon Bethune, who is stepping down after making our company a well established one through the two magical words ‘Working Together’.

First of all, I use this opportunity to express my gratitude for giving me this formidable but manageable task. I am sure this would be accomplished if we work together & carry forward with the tasks which Mr. Gordon Bethune has kicked started with, thereby fulfilling his dream.


Task-1 (a)

Why the increased use of teams?

Team composition is critical for success. All too often, management demands that workgroups functions as teams & believes that, that’s all it takes for teams to be successful. For a group to become a team then a successful one, it must adopt the following key characteristics.

Mission is the driving force of a team. Teams exist to achieve a shared goal.

Empowerment & Involvement is another...

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