Success Activity 1

Topics: Happiness, Psychology, Philosophy of language Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: April 7, 2014
Activity 1: What Success Means to You
A. Success= Happiness, achievements, accomplishments, hardworking, education, focus, stability, patients, and determination. B. What do these words or phrases tell you about your vision of success? My vision of success is very positive, and I see the brighter picture of success as well as the some of the more difficult parts of it. C. Now put your definition of success down in writing. Working hard to accomplish a dream or goal that will result in contentment with your life. D. Does your definition differ from the definition of success presented in the text? If so how? My definition is much more precise when it comes to describing work and personal life. I also point out words which define a sense of meaning. E. Do you think you will become successful, according to your own definition of success? Why or why not? I strongly believe I’ll be successful. As long as I stay focused on the prize (my major), and do not let anyone change my mind or get me off track. I mainly believe I will be successful because it’s what I strive for. F. Describe two people you know who have achieved success the way you define it. The first person who achieved success is my mom. There is so much she has fought for and accomplished. She may not have a college degree or perfect English but she’s a fighter, with about nineteen years of no vacations she has been able to give me and my sister a good life. Second, is my cousin Melissa, she is twenty-one and about to major in psychology. I consider her successful because through education I believe she will get somewhere. Not only that but she has been happy throughout the college experience, never giving up. Well prepared for her future taking everything one day at a time all while staying focused on the prize.
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