Substance Abuse In The African American Community

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Substance Abuse in the African
American Community

Stating the Problem

The contemporary problem that I would like to address is Substance abuse in African Americans community.
Most Africain American uses Substance abuse as a stress reliever . They use religion by going to church to get strength asking for forgiviness.
Adolescent are the one's who are at risk the most .
In the Hampton Roads you will see a lot of homeless people substance abuse users.

Interview from a experience individual who was a victim of substance abuse

Social Work Contact

Yolanda Gunter
Home Health Care Service
Virginia Beach, Blvd
757 735-2595

Social Work Interview

ocial Work to address a substance abuse ?
orward. I also know that each of my clients have different addiction with drugs that affects th

hrough and I would like to encourage and give them hope.

Case Study

e coming over and using her house to do drugs so she got evicted and bec

Field Contact

s everyday at 12pm. They also have dances, bingo, and etc. incorporate things making life f

Protective Factor

ne another can vary depending on the population for which prevention interventions are planned. kely to use a variety of substance. Positive parental style and close monitoring by parents are proven p re likely to initiate substance use.

kely to become alcohol involved.

her substance problems in adolescence and early adulthood:implication for substance abuse prevention


d engagement for African American women who use crack cocaine, these barriers require further examination. s by which individual service users experience their relationships with service providers and the factors that affect these relationships in o in high-risk behaviors facilitated by substance abuse treatment, an individual must first be able to access and engage with treatment to d

V Services Among African American Women Who Use Crack Cocaine. Journal Article


Statistics show rates of past month alcohol use and binge alcohol use were lower among black adults aged 18 or older than the national average for adults(44.3 vs. 55.2 percent)
The rate of past month illicit drug use, however, was higher among black adults than the national average(9.5 vs. 7.9 percent)
Compared with the national average for adolescents aged 12 to 17, black adolescent had lower rates of past month cigarette use (5.8 vs 10.2 percent) . One in seven (14.2 percent) black adults in need of alcohol treatment in the past year and 24.2 percent of those in need of illicit drug treatment at a specialty facility; both of these rates were higher than the national averages for adults. REFERENCE

Behavioral Health and Black/Africans Americans.Dept of health.2011

Theoretical Framework

Providing drug abuse programs around the low income communities. have functions that would help prevent teens to not want to start doing drugs Get more adults that are in the program to advocate to the schools. Get more finance from the govt. to provide to the drug abuse programs.

International POLICY


deral laws while possessing knowledge and understanding basic to the social work Work Education.
nd understanding of psychological and emotional factors, physiological issues, dia

Professional organization that advocate for Substance abuse

e possible by a grant awarded to the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service help advocates through medicine.
nal and uses the knowledge of clinical to help their clients recover.

Video Clip
rl to link to it but you can type in youtube and in the search bar type, Substance Abuse in the Black Communi rview of an African American Who was a Substance Abuse user.

Song Lyrics

o, no, no" Yes, I've been black but when I come back you'll know, know, know I ain't got the time...
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