Substance Abuse

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Illegal drug trade Pages: 6 (1326 words) Published: July 24, 2014
 1 This issue troubles me every time, even when I try not to think about it, and turn my mind away from it. Addiction is not what just happened, it takes time, creep in slowly without you knowing you getting addicted to it. Most times people don’t know they getting addicted to something, I believe everybody is addicted to something, I sometimes call love addiction because when you love somebody you will always want to be with that person. My immediate elder brother started smoking cigarette at age 17, and start smoking marijuana at age 19, and still smoke till this day. People always say “am not addicted to smoking or drinking”, and usually follow this sentence, I only take a glass of wine before going to bed, or I only smoke to relax myself. My community is drowning from substance abuse, drugs and alcohol. “People abuse substances such as drugs, alcohol, and tobacco for varied and complicated reasons, but it is clear that our society pays a significant cost. The toll for this abuse can be seen in our hospitals and emergency departments through direct damage to health by substance abuse and its link to physical trauma. Jails and prisons tally daily the strong connection between crime and drug dependence and abuse. Although use of some drugs such as cocaine has declined, use of other drugs such as heroin and "club drugs" has increased”(Reilly, 1989). Drugs has become a big part of our society, I was a auto-technician for a big car company that work with Bentley and RoseRolls. I have to go into customers car to fix or diagnose the problem, 60% of the time I find or smell marijuana in the car. That is the rate this country is going, 1 out of 2 people smoke, at least cigarette. Many marijuana users believes smoking pot has no negative effects, scientific research indicates that marijuana use can cause many different health problems. This always contribute to our society negatively, it make kids act up, make parents not function as parents, and eventually make the society slowdown. All this are happening without the drug being legalize, marijuana is always the focus point because it is the gate way drug to other substance.

Drugs are one of, and most epidemics in my community. Too months ago in my building, just got home from school on a snowing, and cold day, I saw a lot of people gathered in from of the elevator, and was wondering why, I decided to ask somebody what’s happening, she said mike was shot (14 year old boy on my floor) by somebody who he sold drugs for. This is the same boy the brother served 4 years in jail, and just got home 4 months ago for possession of drugs. I see them every time, him and his friends. Age range from 12 to 16, smoking and drinking, and some of them don’t go home for days, they skip school. Their parents don’t talk to them thinking they can direct their own life. I see these things in my neighborhood every time, and wish I can turn it around in a day. They said Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s true. I plan to write an anonymous letter to some of the parents and the building manager concerning drugs, and how it affects the community, kids growing up around them, and the building it safe. After doing drugs they get wild and break things, my building has so many holes on the walls from their craziness. This is not fair to people in the building paying more expensive rent than them, they deserve clean and noise free environment. My hallway is packed with people all day for no reason, they lay on the floor most times, and you have to walk across them. The elevator and stairways is full of graffiti, and gang sign on the wall, police is always in the building which is not good or fair to the tenants. I know is not going to be easy, everybody react to the same thing differently. I plan on being...
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