substance abuse

Topics: Annotated bibliography, Scientific method, Citation Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: April 26, 2014
 There are many differences between an annotated bibliography and a literature review. An annotated bibliography is a compilation of citations, and this provides the reader the information needed to locate references. A literature review is based on a particular problem with some scientific knowledge and the current theoretical information. The annotated bibliography includes a description and explanation of the sources; a basic citation does not contain this (Carlson, 2003). Published studies have literature reviews that contain the background from which the problem was studied. The citing of sources and the compiling of a bibliography are the action that helps to prove a valid research has been performed. Literature reviews are based on the most relevant sources, but the reader should be familiar with the researched problem (Munhall, 2011). As for the readers, the annotated bibliography allows them the ability to double check the claim, the validity of the interpretation being made, and the availability of the specific information regarding each of the sources used. However, there are some similarities of the annotated bibliography and the literature review. Both have a summary relating to the specific topic, content, and sources. The annotated bibliography differs in the fact that each fact is present with a notation. Both writings are designed or created with a purpose and answering a particular subject or problem. Literature reviews are more applicable to the Nursing Research or evidence based because the reviews use the most current sources (Munhall, 2011). The review is based on clinical practices and experiences, research based knowledge, fellow peers are interviewed and quoted based on their knowledge and experiences, and findings are compared with present studies as well as pasted ones. Why? The reason is that literature reviews are usually concise and containing current knowledge. The goal of each strategy is to improve...
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