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Topics: Agriculture, Soil, Natural resource Pages: 4 (1224 words) Published: October 15, 2014
 Activities and Text Questions
Q.1: Identify at least two resources from each category.
Biotic resources - 1. human beings, 2. natural vegetation.
Abiotic resources - 1. water, 2. coal, 3. petroleum.
Renewable resources - 1. forests, 2. solar energy.
Non-renewable resources - 1. coal, 2. CNG.
Individual resources - 1. land, 2. house.
Community resources - 1. grazing grounds, 2. public parks.
National resources - 1. minerals, 2. river water.
International resources - 1. resources from ocean water and sea-bed beyond 200 km. of EEZ, 2. sea-routes Potential resources - 1. tidal energy, 2. geothermal energy. Developed resources - 1. coal 2. water.

Stock resources - 1. unexplored energy present in the interior of the earth, 2. hydrogen  and oxygen from water. Reserves - 1. forests, 2. water in dams.    
Q.2: Can you name some resource-rich but economically backward regions and some resources poor but economically developed regions. Give reasons for such a situations.   Ans: Regions rich in resource but backward

1)    Jharkhand is rich in mineral resources but still it is economically backward due to the following reasons: a.    illiteracy
b.    scarcity of agricultural land
c.       lack of small scale industries
d.    disparity in income among the people
2)    Assam is rich in minerals like - coal and petroleum, cultivable land, forests and water resources but is still economically backward. The reasons are: a.    various tribal groups who reside in this region are poor and orthodox b.    terrorism and insurgency

c.      floods occurring almost every year
  Regions poor in resources but economically rich
Delhi is poor in resources but still it is economically rich because it is the administrative capital of India. Due to the availability of properly developed infrastructure it is industrially rich as well as most of the head offices of various government organizations are also situated here.       Q.3: Why is...
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